Friday, May 14, 2010

A dream on earth called "Isola di Salina" - Eolian islands - Sicily

We're just back from 10 days in Sicily which explains why we've not been posting anything new for a while. And we'll still need some days to digest that fantastic trip and share any piece of it with you. We can already tell you we've discovered a preserved and authentic place. A little island part of the eolian Archipel. A place called "Salina". Here are a couple of pictures before we can tell you more.

Pollara Beach & Cliff - Salina
Lounge bar to admire sunset - Malfa - Salina
Malfa's beach - Salina
Portobello restaurant - Salina

Mattone di tonno - Portobello restaurant- Salina
Tons of tips on how to reach Salina, where to stay & eat, what to see....are coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

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