Saturday, November 13, 2010

1st secret : buying cheese when visiting Paris

We know quite a lot about cheese ! We just can't conceive a meal without it. But that place called "Barthélémy" just knows all about. Plus it's located in one of the nicest area and street of our beloved Paris. The staff could appear to be a bit arrogant sometimes. Which unfortunately is kind of a parisian trademark.

Which one shall i pick ?
Isn't life beautiful ?
Yesterday evening we bought some "raclette" cheese. The swiss one. Very smelly and unctuous. A perfect fit with the terrible weather currently hitting Paris. Count 200 gr per person.

Barthélemy : 51 rue de grenelle, 75007 Paris. 
Another excellent "crémerie" close by is "Quatrehomme", located 62 rue de Sèvres.

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